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CoffeeCup's app 'Site Designer' 

The website builder tool 'SITE DESIGNER' from CoffeeCup software is arguably one of the best of its kind. It is highly adaptable, with four framework options for creating beautiful and advanced website designs and a wide range of prebuilt components and free or premium professionally designed themes. But there is always a catch...

For example, the promotional material emphasises that 'no coding' is necessary, which is correct; but, it is advantageous if you have at least a moderate understanding of code (HTML, CSS), website design, and development. How do you instruct it to do something you don't know what that something is? or where that something is in the tools sections. It quickly turns into a frustrating activity. This is one of a few steep learning curves that frequently result in irritation, gnashing of teeth, and hair loss.

Fortunately, assistance is on the way. There are many experienced and accomplished CoffeeCup application users who visit the COMMUNITY FORUM on a daily basis and who can and do assist you if you feel stuck or begin to struggle. There is also a comprehensive help and video tutorial guide that covers practically every scenario imaginable.
And then there is Wayan.



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"You have an idea, but dont know where to start"

Wayan offers CoffeeCup users a personalised, targeted learning experience with an emphasis on hands-on learning; his instructional videos guide you step by step through the project 'LEARNING BY DOING' mastering newly acquired capabilities.

Follow along with Wayan, extend your horizons

  • Do for someone and they may never learn
  • Teach someone and they might learn
  • Show someone and they wil learn
  • Involve someone and they will learn to understand

Following directions is only one aspect of learning. That is why, in addition to teaching how to do something, Wayan works hard to ensure that you understand the 'how to', the why's and what if's. Showing the way to achieving the UNDERSTANDING.

Tony - Australia

Wayan helped turn my old jalopy of a website into a brand new FERRARI, the tutorials were great exactly the right pace I followed along easily. Thanks Wayan.

WAYAN has 30 years experience with website design and development, and around 14 years with CoffeeCup Site Designer, he has helped many CoffeeCup forum users who couldn't find their way, who were lost in the fog of uncertainty, and even taking on whole projects if they didn't have the time or enegy. You too could gain the 'Understanding" with one of Wayans watch listen and learn step by step tutorials.

Mike - USA

"I want to say  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!" The tutorials you made for me are absolutely AMAZING! In the two that I have wayched I learned more than ALL the tiutorials on CC's site.

You are are fantastic instructor.